These 2-year fellowships were created to offer our Yearlong graduates and CSP 4th & 5th year students a way to continue their studies in a specialized area. Fellows work on their own projects under supervision as well as on the FoxFire Community projects and events.

Meetings are scheduled as needed. There are normally 2 places per fellowship specialty. The Yearlong is required before applying.

Fee: 95,- per month with a 2-year commitment. Applications are ongoing.

Current Fellowships:

Art & Creativity


Facilitating Circle Work
Teaching and Leadership
Enneagram, Transformation and Shadow work

Working with Plants
Working with Places
Hands-on Practice: Working with Adults (4-year Fellowship; special requirements apply)
Hands-on Practice: Working with Animals
Death and Dying & Terminal Care

Stone People Lodge (Lodge Training must be completed to apply)
Native American Medicine
Vision & Healing Quests
Sacred Music
Sacred Crafts and Tools

Special Topic (Open)