Professional Development Days

In 2019 and 2020 we will continue to develop our profession and professional work. These days include discussions, circle work, visioning and problem solving. If you have any topic requests, please send them in.
Open for all CSPs.

10.30 – 15.30
50,- per day
Includes 5 Continuing Education hours for CSP®s
Please pre-register for these days 2 weeks before the date!
14 April
13 October

Policy working group

First meeting 14 February 19.00
This is a policy development working group for the Shamanic Practitioner profession. Open for all CSPs.

I f interested, please plan to attend first meeting as we will be deciding the projects for the year. We will also be booking the 2019 dates at the first meeting, so please bring your calendar.

Annual CSP Retreat

The place for our profession and professional work as well as time to refill and reconnect as colleagues.

14th Annual CSP Retreat
31 October – 03 November

15th Annual CSP Retreat
29 October – 01 November